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Our Savory Flavors
Salted & seasoned and perfectly balanced flavors, always made with fresh ingredients and spices. We prepare our savory flavors multiple times each day, giving you the freshest, best tasting popcorn you'll ever taste!


Flavor Description Current In Store Flavor

Cheesy Cheddar Our Full Flavored Yellow Cheddar Cheese. A Bit Sharper Than Our White Cheddar In Store
Chili Lime Fresh Chili Pepper Seasoned With a Tangy Lime Kick! In Store
Fresh Butter Movie Theater Style Buttered Popcorn. Loaded With Fresh Butter and Flavor In Store
Garlic Parmesan Parmesan Cheese With a Hint of Garlic and Other Italian Spices In Store
Kettle Corn A Little Sweet, a Little Salty, With a Taste Fresh Off the Cob! In Store
Simply Salted Fresh Popcorn with the Perfect Amount of Salt In Store
Texas Dill Pickle Salted and Tart, With Real Dill, Tangy Vinegar, and a Hint of Garlic In Store
Texas Heat Spicy! A Blend of Cheeses and Peppers Makes This One of our Top Sellers In Store
White Cheddar A Mild White Cheddar Cheese. Sweeter and Less Sharp Than Our Cheesy Cheddar In Store
Bacon Cheddar Our Cheesy Cheddar Seasoned With a Smoky Bacon Finish Online/Special Order
Bacon Ranch Our Homemade Ranch Seasoning With a Hearty Bacon Flavor! Online/Special Order
Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Smoky Bacon and Spicy Jalapeno. Cream Cheese is Added to Really Top Off the Flavor Online/Special Order
Buffalo Wing Louisiana Hot Sauce Blended With the Perfect Amount of Butter Online/Special Order
Cajun Spice A Blend of Lemon Pepper and Cayenne Pepper, With Real Louisiana Creole Spices Online/Special Order
Creamy Jalapeno Spicy Jalapeno Blended With Buttermilk and a White Cheese Base Online/Special Order
Loaded Baked Potato Cheddar Cheese, Bacon, Sour Cream, and Butter Online/Special Order
Nacho Cheese A Blend of Cheeses, Spices, and South of the Border Flavor! Online/Special Order
Poppin Pizza Mama Mia! Cheese Pizza Seasoned With Italian Spices, Tomato, and a Blend of Cheeses Online/Special Order
Ranch Buttermilk Base and Garden Fresh Vegetables Online/Special Order
Smoky Texas BBQ Fresh Out of the Smoker! Slightly Spicy With a Rich Smoky Flavor Online/Special Order
Sour Cream and Onion Sour Cream and Buttermilk, With Garden Fresh Herbs and Green Onion Online/Special Order
White Cheddar Jalapeño Our Mild White Cheddar Cheese Blended With Jalapeño Pepper Online/Special Order

Our Sweet Flavors
Sweet and fresh candied popcorn, made fresh every day! From our Homemade Caramels to our unique flavors like Watermelon and Rainbow Vanilla, we have something for every sweet tooth craving!

Flavor Description Current In Store Flavor

Aggie Vanilla Just Like Our Rainbow Vanilla, Done in Maroon and White! In Store
Classic Caramel Our Homemade Caramel, Rich With Flavor, a Hint of Vanilla, and a Real Butter Finish In Store
Fiery Cinnamon Red Hot Candied Popcorn, With Enough Cinnamon Spice to Heat Things Up In Store
Rainbow Vanilla Colorful Vanilla Candied Popcorn. Popular Flavor for Custom Colors! In Store
Sea-Salt Caramel Our Classic Caramel, Blended With Real Sea Salt for a Perfect Sweet/Salty Mix In Store
Caramel Kettle A Cross Between Our Caramel Recipe and Traditional Kettle Corn Online/Special Order
Chocolate Kettle Corn Our Famous Kettle Corn, With a Chocolate Twist Online/Special Order
Cotton Candy Pink Vanilla and Blue Raspberry Flavored Cotton Candy Popcorn Online/Special Order
Kettle Cinnamon Our sweet and salty buttery kettle corn with a hint of cinnamon Online/Special Order

Our Premium Flavors
Rich dark chocolates, smooth white chocolates, fresh Texas pecans, and more!. These are our "over-the-top" Premium flavors!

Flavor Description Current In Store Flavor

Birthday Cake Cake Batter Popcorn With White Chocolate Frosting and Sprinkles In Store
Chocolate Peanut Butter Our Classic Caramel, Coated With Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate In Store
Dark Chocolate What Could Be Better Than Our Classic Caramel Drizzled With Dark Chocolate... In Store
Honey Roasted Peanut Buttery Toffee Candied Popcorn, Loaded With Peanuts and a Hint of Honey In Store
Pecan Caramel Our Classic Caramel Infused With Real Texas Pecans. Our Number 1 Seller! In Store
Smores Classic Caramel Topped With Chocolate, Graham Crackers, and Marshmallows In Store
Zebra Chocolate Our Homemade Caramel Popcorn, Drizzled in Both White and Dark Chocolate In Store
Cashew Crunch Buttery Toffee Coating Mixed With Real Cashews Online/Special Order
Chocolate Toffee Crunch Classic Caramel, Coated With Milk Chocolate and Covered With Real Crushed Heath Bar Online/Special Order
Cookies & Cream Our Vanilla Popcorn, Covered With White Chocolate and Real Crushed Oreo Cookies Online/Special Order
Maple Cinnamon Real Maple Infused With Cinnamon and Coated With White Chocolate Online/Special Order
Nutty Caramel Smooth Caramel Mixed with 5 Different Kinds of Nuts Online/Special Order
Rocky Road Caramel Popcorn, Mixed With Almonds, Marshmallow, and Dark Chocolate Online/Special Order
White Chocolate Sea Salt Our Sea Salted Popcorn Drizzled With White Chocolate Online/Special Order

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